We are a recognized Collaboration Innovator at Cisco

Globalization increases the need for communication among customers, colleagues and partners – encompassing not just multiple people but also multiple locations. Mossic supports today’s global, real-time organizations with technology that promotes effective communication, allowing people to meet at anytime from anywhere. By integrating voice, video, and web conferencing into everyday communications, organizations can expand their market reach, improve operational effectiveness, and speed decision making. The ability for all meeting participants to hear and contribute to the discussion, view other participants and read their body language, and share documents, all contributes to effective remote meetings, whether the meeting is a sales demonstration, training application, project team meeting, or customer support interaction. Mossic provides a variety of different collaboration solutions for organizations, including:

Unified Communications

a single, unified network delivers voice, video and data

Contact Centers

interact with your customers when and how they want to communicate

Business Video

visually connect with employees, business partners and customers and collaborate as though in person

Hosted Collaboration

harness the power of the cloud to quickly and easily deliver collaboration solutions to your business

Full-featured, integrated collaboration solution provides voice and video call control, mobility, messaging, conferencing, instant messaging and presence, and contact center options on a single-server. The solution provides highly-available, flexible collaboration services that deliver low total cost of ownership and ease of use. It’s an affordable, simple, scalable choice for midsize businesses.

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