Contact Center

An extremely powerful software to automate work flow. Mossic can integrate with SQL server to automate work flow with customers, partners, and company.

You lose customers to competitors every day. They leave because they can’t get to the right person at the right time who can resolve their needs. Customer interactions make or break your bottom line. Competitors look for ways to hijack your customers. The businesses that figure out how to acquire and maintain customers through their interactions win.

What communications technology allows your resources to effectively manage internal and external interactions seamlessly without regard to location or presence?  How you respond to this question indicates the health of your customer interactions. It should be a technology that allows all the assets and resources of the company to contribute to acquiring and to retaining your customers.

Interact with your customers where and how they want

The life blood of your company is your customer. There are many choices in the market today. Customers not only buy on price but they buy on “feel”; how they feel about their experience with your company. If customers cannot reach you, when and how they want to interact, they will go to the competition.

Your customers want to reach you through a variety of media: phone, email, website, chat, social media. The contact center is your central point of contact with your customers. Mossic provides a wide range of powerful, fully-integrated solutions designed to provide contact centers with a framework that enables exceptional customer service and supports organizational efficiency.

These solutions address your most important needs:

Increasing your ability to respond

Measuring performance

Enhancing customer satisfaction

Increasing management effectiveness

Developing customer loyalty

Contact Center Enterprise delivers intelligent contact routing, call treatment, network-to-desktop computer telephony integration (CTI), and multichannel contact management over an IP infrastructure. It combines multichannel automatic call distributor (ACD) functionality with IP telephony in a unified solution. This makes it easier for your company to rapidly deploy a distributed contact center infrastructure.

Unified Contact Center Enterprise provides

Delivery of each contact to the most appropriate resource anywhere in the enterprise

Comprehensive customer profiles using contact-related data

Segmentation of customers, and monitoring of resource availability

Routing to the most appropriate resource to meet customer needs and conditions

Presence integration to increase caller satisfaction through improved agent performance

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