Deliver Better Care and Wellness

Enable local and remote team collaboration, patient examinations, and consultations. Streamline workflows and improve communications across teams.

Mossic  Care-at-a-Distance and Clinical Workflow Solutions help local and remote healthcare teams improve collaboration, streamline workflows, enhance patient examinations and consultations, and make critical decisions more quickly. These solutions provide the tools and resources you need to deliver high-quality patient care.

Reduce Cost and Improve Productivity

Provide security, interoperability, device connectivity, and regulatory compliance. Enhance integration and management of medical device data in an open yet secure environment.

Provide Patients with Greater Accessibility

Most patients want to play a greater role in their overall healthcare experience. Cisco Extended Care, a new browser-based health and wellness collaboration solution, links patients and care teams so they can easily interact anytime from anywhere they have Internet access. Among other things, the solution provides patients and their care teams with the opportunity to:

Connect for unplanned and prescheduled video consultations

Communicate through highly secure messaging

Track wellness-device readings