Cloud Solutions

Information Technology departments are ever more challenged by data center complexity and inflexibility. The increasing number of servers, storage, and networking resources, plus management tools and operational processes, can lead to increased inefficiency and costs.

Build Your Cloud on Mossic Connected Architecture

Organizations are looking at Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform to help create solutions that are lightweight, cost-effective, and managed by others. Whether your setting is an on-premises private cloud, or a hybrid hosted cloud, Mossic Connected infrastructure solutions can accelerate your transition to the cloud with a unified data center platform, integrating compute, storage, and network components into a single architecture that scales to fit a variety of virtualized and non-virtualized environments.

Mossic Connected VSPEX

Designed by Cisco and EMC and validated to ensure interoperability and fast deployment, Mossic Connected VSPEX gives you the power to choose the technology in your solution while removing the complexity and risk that typically comes with designing, integrating and deploying a best-of-breed solution. With VSPEX, private cloud computing is more accessible than ever.

Mossic Connected VSPEX allows an organization of any size the ability to lower risk and operational costs, while also increasing agility and scalability. Rapid deployment of an all-encompassing virtualized network, including operating systems and applications, has never been as cost effective or realistic. These integrated solutions bring together network, compute, storage, virtualization, security and management aspects into one pre-configured unit, simplifying your IT infrastructure and data center.

Mossic Connected FlexPod

Developed by NetApp and Cisco and implemented by Mossic, the Mossic Connected FlexPod platform offers better flexibility, increased efficiencies, and reduced risk in the data center. The joint FlexPod infrastructure solution accelerates the transition to the cloud with simplified processes to manage a pool of compute, network, and storage resources in a single platform. Its radically simplified architecture reduces the number of devices to be purchased, cabled, and powered.

Mossic Connected FlexPod configurations can scale within each component without architectural changes or scale out in a duplicated, modular, repeatable fashion to help you:

  • Move to a shared infrastructure with many applications
  • Improve agility to meet growth and key critical business initiatives
  • Lower cost per user without sacrificing scalability
  • Simplify operating skills and processes and reduce costs

Reduce Downtime

Downtime of any kind is unacceptable in today’s 24/7 business environment. To help keep your data and applications available, Mossic features a cooperative support model to identify and rapidly resolve problems. Reduce problem lifecycles with fast identification, diagnosis, and resolution. One-click tech support keeps your IT resources focused on strategic objectives rather than incident resolution.

Find out what solution is best for your business.