Business Video

Advanced technologies have more power to boost organizational communication, efficiency and collaboration than business video. Simply put, this technology allows enterprises to visually connect with employees, business partners and customers to collaborate as though in person. Our business video solutions include the following:

Virtual Meetings


TelePresence creates an “in-person” meeting experience over a converged network, delivering real-time, face-to-face interactions between people and places using advanced visual, audio, and collaboration technologies. These technologies transmit life-size, high-definition images and spatial discrete audio. Now it’s easier than ever to distinguish facial expressions for those crucial organizational discussions and negotiations across the “virtual table.”

WebEx Meetings

Web conferencing has become the preferred communication medium for businesses today. WebEx Meetings combines the ease of audio conferencing with the interactivity of video conferencing.  You create a truly personalized interactive experience right from your desktop or mobile device. You can schedule meetings in advance or start an instant meeting with a simple click. Send invitations via email or instant messenger, and integrate your meeting information with other desktop applications like Outlook.

Virtual meetings enable your organization to

Save time and money in travel expenses

Easily collaborate in real-time with distant colleagues and clients

Eliminate the hassle of emailing files and following up by phone

Speed decision-making and accelerate innovation

Digital Media Suite

A comprehensive offering of social video, digital signs and IPTV systems can help transform how your organization learns, grows, communicates and collaborates. Use scalable, centralized management and publishing tools to deliver high-quality video content to networked digital signage displays. Digital media solutions enable you to:

Video Storage & Management

Our network-based offering is ideal for private and highly secure video sharing within an organization. Create and record video on nearly any device, then publish and share your videos with just a few clicks. Powerful management tools and secure sharing allow you to:

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