Server Solutions

Servers are vital because they offer centralized control of all aspects of an organization, such as documents, applications, and backups.  We provide services that will allow you to access your server from anywhere in the world, without the need to be physically present.  We also design, configure, and install servers according to your specific business demands.

Our experts will evaluate your business performance and requirements, to recommend the most suitable server solutions that will benefit your organization for years to come

Targeting efficiency as a core objective across the IT infrastructure helps organizations enhance business agility, foster innovation, and accommodate growth, all while controlling costs. Given the increasing volume, velocity and value of data, establishing an effective data management strategy must be a component of that approach. Data Server Solutions, which integrate capabilities for automation, optimization, scalability and protection, can help your organization build a next-generation Server infrastructure that will serve as a foundation for an agile and efficient enterprise.

Reduce costs by 50% or more by

  • Dynamically migrating data to the most appropriate disks
  • Optimizing current storage by removing unused disk space
  • Reducing your storage footprint through de-duplication
Avoid additional capacity and future operating costs

  • Reducing your application development and test costs
  • Cutting required storage at the replication target
  • Buying less disk, reducing power, cooling, and floor space

Find out what solution is best for your business.