Wireless Solutions

Empower Business Mobility

Evolving the wireless LAN to a true mobility network makes IT better equipped to manage the wave of new mobile devices, unify multiple networks via a single control interface, and build an open platform for the development of mobility applications. With mobility solutions, employees, partners, and customers can conduct business anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Mossic Wireless and Mobility Solutions Overview

Mossic wireless and mobility solutions unify the mobility network, secure and manage mobile devices, and create an open ecosystem for mobility applications. Implementing mobility across disparate networks. This means the barriers between personal, private, and public networks disappear, delivering a consistent mobility experience.

By creating continuous connections among people, core information, business applications, and critical assets, regardless of their location, Mossic wireless and mobility solutions deliver three key organizational capabilities:

Above and beyond supporting many applications, Mossic wireless and mobility solutions offer the important ability to enhance application performance by providing real-time information from the network and related applications.

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