Hotel & Hospitality IT Infrastructure Consulting & Services

Cisco Connected Hotel and Hospitality solutions deliver sophisticated services that differentiate your brand and create a personalized experience for each guest. This comprehensive suite of solutions helps hotel owners and operators:

Support the newest mobile applications and wireless services

Improve operational efficiency by reducing expenses, such as energy costs

Generate new revenue streams through next-generation technologies

White glove service to you and your guests

Mossic can craft a customized solution to your IT challenges, keeping in mind the unique needs of the hotel and hospitality industry. Our experience with some of most recognized respected Southern California resorts and hotels means we have the targeted expertise to support businesses like yours.

How can we help?

Interoperability among systems used in the hospitality industry

In-room technology

Connecting to guests through mobile computing

Using technology to exceed guest expectations

Cloud computing and virtualization

Networking and bandwidth management

Emergency IT support