Cisco Applications

Mossic in partnership with CONNECTPS offering custom XML applications for Cisco systems. Sometimes you may not have the full budget to purchase licensing and software for all employees. Mossic has created some of the base applications that can benefit on CapEX and OpEX.

CONNECT Call Management & Billing System

“CONNECT Call Management & Billing System” is a flexible, easy-to-use and full-featured reporting package for Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

It collects call detail records (CDRs) from Cisco UCM and produces management reports for viewing using a standard Web browser; enabling IT, telecom personnel and business decision makers to analyze and plan ahead for anticipated increases in call volume.

Using “CONNECT Call Management & Billing System” a quota can be assigned for each user. Each user reaches his quota limit; will not be able to make calls anymore as well as a running call will be disconnected if the limit is reached during the call.

CONNECT Call Disconnection per Duration

“CONNECT Call Disconnection per Duration” is an application which disconnects a running call on selected phones after a specific call duration

CONNECT Recording

“CONNECT Recording” is a fully call recording solution that digitally records VoIP Calls. This solution provides managers and supervisors the ability to measure and improve the level of customer service and the call handling techniques.

CONNECT Hyper Directory

“CONNECT Hyper Directory” is a multi-tenant directory which provides quick search and easy access to the information stored at the Microsoft Active directories, Cisco Call Manager 4.x DC Directory, Cisco Unified Communications Manager 6.x and above versions Database and/or CONNECT Hyper Directory application database.

CONNECT Personal Directory

“CONNECT Personal Directory” is an application that easily allows each user to save his personal contacts details through a flexible easy to use web based interface and through his IP Phone as well. The user can search and access his personal contacts details including his photo from his IP Phone easily.

CONNECT Caller Info

“CONNECT Caller Info” is an application that traces the incoming calls of each user and lookup the caller information from his CONNECT Personal directory and/or CONNECT Hyper Directory applications displaying detailed information about the caller on the IP Phone.


“CONNECT Paging” enhances the way organizations communicate to their staff and administration. It provides a common system for announcements, emergency broadcasts, text notifications and voice notifications.


“CONNECT RSS Feeds” is an application that allows pushing RSS feed to the IP Phones, so that IP Phones users can access the vast amount of information published daily in the internet and/or receive local company news.

CONNECT Web Dialer

“CONNECT Web Dialer” is an application which securely allows the user to place calls from his web browser using Cisco Jabber plugin.

“CONNECT Web Dialer module” is a customization to Cisco Jabber Web plugin which enables Cisco softphone and Jabber services to run inside the web browser instead of installing Jabber client on the platform as in normal operation.

CONNECT Phone Inventory

“CONNECT Phone Inventory” gathers information about Cisco IP phones, Produces a comprehensive report (serial numbers, IP addresses, MAC addresses and models) in an Excel format.

CONNECT Weather Forecast

“CONNECT Weather Forecast” is an application that access the internet to check the weather forecast displaying the result on the IP Phone’s screen.

CONNECT Flight Schedules

“CONNECT Flight Schedules” is an application which allows users to use their Cisco IP Phones to check the flight timings. CONNECT Flight Schedules tracks upcoming and in-air flights.

CONNECT Currency Rates

“CONNECT Currency Rates” is an application which displays the rates of major world currencies. The application user can uses the IP Phone to easily check latest exchange rates and real gold price with the default currency.

CONNECT IP Phone Radio

“CONNECT IP Phone Radio” enables you to listen radio channels through your IP Phone.

CONNECT Calculator

”CONNECT Calculator” enables you to use your IP phone for performing mathematical calculations quickly and easily, adding convenience and flexibility to your experience.

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