Large Scale Phone Solution

Mossic will take all necessary steps and procedures to ensure which system fits your business model. It is our duty to ensure the success of your large scale phone solution. Our large scale phone solutions can range from 5,000 to 250,000 users.

Mossic’s Capabilities

SMS, IVR Based, Database Integration, MySQL, SQL, Filters according to customer’s data, call control, re-routing calls according to answers – answered by customers, Video, Instant Messaging, Voice-Mail, Call recording and tracking, Billing, and more.

Whether the deployment will be in our data center or yours Mossic will develop the solution and can maintain your solution.

As the core of a phone system portfolio infrastructure, Mossic Unified Communications is a unified communications call control platform that can deliver the right experience to the right endpoint.

Mossic’s Unified Communications provides services such as session management, voice, video, messaging, mobility, and web conferencing.

Mossic’s core solution includes our Session Border Controller’s (SBC) that is connected to Global carriers, with our data centers that include our core Routers, Switches, and Servers enabling us to be one of the few companies in the world to support such a setup.


Mossic can provide you Layer 2, Layer 3, MPLS, and VPLS connections globally.


Multiple Data Centers with Session Border Controllers

Routers, Servers, Switches, Database’s

Supporting 1 Million subscribers

64-bit symmetric multi-processor design

Multiple 10 Gbps interfaces with high-capacity encryption

Platforms with 20 or 40 and 100 Gbps system throughput

High Capacity and High Availability

When it comes down to large scale phone systems, it can get very complex. Managing it and maintaining a national or global phone system can be costly and overwhelming.

Mossic’s solutions include customized Asterisk and/or Cisco environment to scale to a large scale phone solution, with IVR based automated call routing.

Asterisk Features

Save on CAPEX and OPEX

Large scale deployment

MySQL database integration

Automated call control and flow

Low rates on local, long distance, and international

IVR based solution

Cisco Features

Cisco Collaboration (video, instant messaging, Jabber)

Lower cost of ownership

Scalability for up to 40,000 users, extensible to 80,000 users

Reliable, scalable, and secured

SQL database integration

Lower cost of ownership

Interoperability and standards support

Scalability to maximum potential

Save on OPEX and CAPEX

Find out what solution is best for your business.