Creating the Omnichannel Store

No industry has undergone so many changes in recent years as retail. To compete, retailers have become leaders in innovation, investing in new technologies and practices to:

Transform your business into an omnichannel model

Transform the customer experience with new services

Collect and analyze shopper behavior and operational data

Secure customer and employee data

Optimize employee productivity

Meeting Your Business Goals

Mossic meets these needs with a powerful range of solutions designed specifically for retail. Based on Cisco’s open networking capabilities, leading companies around the world are laying the groundwork for omnichannel business strategies based on the Internet of Everything. Based on these capabilities, retailers can:

Enable secure, centralized capabilities that connect all aspects of the business

Minimize store complexity through services consolidation

Extract new levels of information to help you understand customer needs better

Offer in-store Wi-Fi and mobility solutions to improve customer service

Reduce operational costs and drive profitability