Wide Area Network which is often known as WAN is a network that connects several devices in different locations through a single connection. This type of network is ideal for companies that operate multiple offices throughout the world. With the help of a WAN, a company can connect to its different offices and share important files without physically transferring them.

WAN Handles Bandwidth Allocation

Businesses need to perform a variety of activities over the internet. It becomes next to impossible to conduct business operations in a specific time if bandwidth is not prioritized. When several employees of a company download video and songs, they consume a lot of the bandwidth, making it hard for important business operations to be completed on time.

WAN prioritizes bandwidth and allocates it to important software and applications to enhance work efficiency. Moreover, when the bandwidth can’t be utilized on other activities, employees are able to focus on work. WAN also helps in compressing the size of data packets to improve bandwidth.

WAN Enables Accelerated Data Use

WAN is also capable of caching. The data that is being frequently used by employees is saved in a local drive. So, the next time any employee accesses the same data, he or she will be able to cut back on load times. This makes business operations faster and efficient and the employees no longer need to wait for a page to load.

WAN Implements Traffic Monitoring

A company’s network is at a constant risk of getting hacked or compromised. Power outages and hackers are common problems that every company faces. However, with the help of WAN, companies can monitor data that enters and leaves the network.

The traffic that is not essential for the business is sent over to other networks to increase work efficiency. Moreover, the company gets a chance to act before any harm is done to the system.