The concept of virtual workplaces has become common. Instead of having brick-and-mortar facilities to house business operations, companies nowadays employ a mobile workforce that performs different activities from remote locations. While this form of corporate structure has its advantages, it does pose difficulty in collaboration across geographical boundaries.

Cisco Collaboration proves to be a ground-breaking solution for business collaboration between mobile workforces. It is readily transforming the way people work together to achieve unified business objectives. Here are a few salient features of Cisco Collaboration that makes it easier for business teams to pool resources and act as a cohesive team.

Cisco Acquires Collaboration – A Brief History

In the last quarter of 2013, Cisco acquired, a company that specialized in cloud computing services and mobile software development. The mobile collaboration app provides task management services, unified document sharing, and team communication services, supporting the intricate structure of corporate operations today. This is how Cisco Collaboration started.

Cisco Collaboration Offers Unmatched Benefits

Cisco Collaboration offers unparalleled benefits when it comes to collaborating team work across different virtual locations. Here are some of the features embedded in this tool that allow businesses to seek greater goals.

  • Video Conferencing: The Cisco Collaboration platform embeds video sharing features that enable team members to see, communicate with and share information without any physical and communication barriers.
  • Cloud and Hybrid Collaboration: Cisco Collaboration enhances the functionality of current collaboration infrastructure investments by integrating seamlessly with the system.
  • Midsize Collaboration: Through varied and customized packages, Cisco offers the right collaboration solutions for different companies at the right prices, making it an affordable business asset.
  • Mobile Collaboration: Cisco Collaboration integrates with mobile platforms, enabling employees to transform their handheld gadgets into important tools for business communication.

Cisco Collaboration is the trendiest business collaboration platform being used by different companies to bring their operational teams closer, eliminate communication errors, and achieve greater business objectives.